Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Benber N. Anke the Saviour of the Market, or not.... Lets analyze this: Ben the Great saved us all and BSC fro a meltdown, then everybody got the all clear signal and started bidding up the market to 10 % from its highs, then oil goes up and everybody is chanting: bear market rally, and now bad news its still good news.

Can someone make sense of all this mess? I wonder about the talking heads and the mass media who are singing: Buying opportunity... and its different this time!

The average investor should stay out of this market. Only fools like me who insist in testing their melt against the plunge protection team and the WS mafia by losing money are still trying to battle the evil moneymaking players on Wall Street.
The crashes come when nobody is expecting them. So we are safe now....



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